Candidate Relationship Management

Active Sourcing

Solutions for proactive recruiting: Source more candidates
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Goodbye, Post & Pray: More than 80% of candidates are not actively looking for a new job.

Talentry CRM makes it easier to take a proactive approach to finding new talent.

Active Sourcing Browser Extension

Source interesting profiles from business networks

Use the Active Sourcing Browser Extension to source interesting profiles from business networks such as LinkedIn. With just a few clicks, you automatically transfer talent leads into Talentry CRM and let us automatically manage their data processing consent for you.

Join Widget

Make it easy for talent to join your pools

Few candidates are actively looking for a job. Make it easy for interested talent to become part of your talent pools. With the Talentry CRM Join Widget, candidates can register on your career website swiftly, easily and in compliance with GDPR. And you can keep in touch with them going forward.

Talent Lead Import

Import talent leads and profiles quickly and easily

You sourced new candidates and entered them in Excel lists? With the import function you can easily transfer these profiles into Talentry CRM and organize them in talent pools.

ATS integration

Leverage candidates from your ATS

Your ATS offers an important source of new talent pools: Applicants who made it into the final round, did not get the job but could still be valuable candidates for future positions. Talentry CRM’s ATS integration allows you to capture these talents in your pools.

CV Parsing

CV Parsing: Integrate relevant candidate data easily

Capture data from resumes in Talentry CRM so you can search for relevant profiles in your talent pools.

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