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Candidate Relationship Management - Benefits - 6/10

6 out of 10 companies do not use talent pools.

Candidate Relationship Management - Benefits - 38%

38% see the biggest challenge as collaboration within the talent acquisition team.

Candidate Relationship Managment - Benefits - 30%

30% find turning talent leads into applicants particularly demanding

Talent Profiles

Create and manage talent leads

The talent profile gives you a complete overview of potential candidates, including their activities and interactions with your recruitment teams. This gives all recruiters a complete, unified view and allows them to work effectively with talent leads. New talent leads can be created in just a few steps.


Automate consent management

No more siloed information. Talentry TRP gives you and all recruiters on your teams an at-a-glance view of the candidate’s consent status. Define the frequency of consent renewal and automate the process for individual candidates as well as for groups of candidates.

Campaign Management

Create campaigns that delight candidates

Use targeted and automated email campaigns to build lasting relationships with talent leads in your talent pools. Stay in touch with potential candidates — even if it's not about a specific position – so your employer brand remains first in mind when they are ready for a new job.

Talent Pool Management

Manage talent leads in talent pools

What skills does a talent have? For which positions, departments or activities can they be considered? The Talentry TRP is your central database for your talent leads. Organize your them in different talent pools, which you can define for yourself. By connecting your email account, you can communicate as usual - and the contact history is stored in the Talent Profile.

Search & Filter

Make communication target-group specific and relevant

With the intelligent Search & Filter function you will find the right talent in your pools faster to set up individual campaigns around vacancies, events or other topics. This ensures that your communication is targeted and convincing. Automated functions allow you to minimize effort and still stay in touch, for example with birthday greetings.

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Talentry Community & Campaign Management is part of our Talent Relationship Platform

Talentry’s award-winning modular Talent Relationship Platform (TRP) is at the heart of a proactive recruitment strategy. It complements your applicant tracking system (ATS) both before and after the recruitment process, leveraging the potential of a wide variety of touchpoints in the talent acquisition phase, to build relationships with candidates and employees alike. 

Talentry Talent Relationship Platform "Communities & Campaigns"

Modular & scalable 

As your company continues to evolve, Talentry TRP adapts to your needs and grows with your recruitment strategy. 


You already have an applicant tracking system. Talentry TRP can be seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape. 


Better data quality and automated consent management: Talentry TRP makes your recruitment processes GDPR-compliant. 

International & collaborative 

Efficient cooperation: Talentry TRP connects teams across locations and even international borders. 

Everything at a glance 

No more data silos! Talentry TRP is your central database – including dashboards and reports. 


The advantages of Talentry TRP in detail. 

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The Talent Relationship Platform by Talentry explained in 1 Minute:


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Alexander P. Ploner

Head of HR Management, Leitner AG

Miriam Fuchs

Recruiter & Active Sourcer, Carl Zeiss AG

Marc Hexspoor @ Franke Group

VP Human Resources

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