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Talentry and Enable Technologies enter partnership

London, November 5, 2018

Enable Technologies Poised to Deliver Recruitment Solution/Software

London, 5th November 2018. Enable Technologies, Digital Solutions Provider are pleased to announce their partnership with Talentry, a digital recruitment platform for employee referrals and employee advocacy.

Global organisations are constantly looking to improve and streamline their internal processes, one of which is talent acquisition, and with recruiter rates becoming even-more competitive over recent years, many are looking for an alternative solution. Talentry has been changing the way companies find new talent, helping to optimise the recruitment cycle, increase candidate pools and ultimately achieve better candidate placements. By adding this complimentary product alongside their existing solutions, Enable is positioned to offer a full-suite of products that are tailored to the customer needs.

Talentry is a software-as-a-service solution that offers a future-proof and scalable digital recruitment platform for all industries around the globe. Talentry Jobs enables your employees to become recruiters by sharing vacancies through their social networks and referring candidates with just two clicks. Talentry Stories encourages your employees to become brand advocates by sharing your content on their social networks. Content posts are automatically linked with suitable job offers, for which candidates can directly apply. This allows companies to gain access to new talent pools and directly support recruiting.

“The ‘war for talent’ has become increasingly challenging for many companies in the UK. Building onto Enable Technologies’ strong background in communications and brand advocacy, this partnership will help UK organisations build true employee advocacy to find the right talent faster at lower cost per hire.”, says Carl Hoffmann, CEO and Founder of Talentry.

“Recruitment has always been a challenge, and often time-consuming in the search for the right candidate. I can see how companies will save money and resources using this solution, whilst driving employee brand and promote a positive candidate experience,” Sara Tatam, Sales Manager.

By providing Talentry as a solution, Enable hopes to strengthen its offering to its existing customers, whilst also expanding into new and exciting enterprise markets. With a business centred around customer communication resources, embracing the internal power of employee communication and brand advocacy is the next logical step. This partnership will also be beneficial in terms of shared expertise, across various geographical marketplaces, providing the best solutions for recruitment challenges across the globe.

About Enable

Enable Technologies is a digital solutions provider founded in 1994, and has been the top EMEA Partner to SugarCRM for the last 10 years. Enable provides Software As A Service solutions such as CRM, VoIP, Marketing Automation, Recruitment and Team Collaboration, as well as the professional services surrounding these including Hosting, Support, Customisation, and Training. Their tailored and personal approach ensures the creation of customised solutions and, with their in-house team of developers and helpdesk operatives, software is up-to-date and accurately maintained.
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About Talentry

Talentry is a software company founded in 2013 and is one of the leading providers for cloud-based recruiting solutions. Based on its digital employee referral and advocacy platform – ‘Talentry Jobs’ and ‘Talentry Stories’ – the company enables organisations to gain access to new talent pools and communicates their employer brand by leveraging their employees’ networks. Talentry utilises the power of social networks to connect people with organisations they love, and supports companies to conquer the war for talent. Serving international industry leaders as well as numerous DAX-listed companies, Talentry is based in Munich (Germany) and employs more than 50 people.
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