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This is the last of three blogs about employee advocacy and recruiting. Part 1 addressed the concept of employee advocacy. Part 2 explained how technology enhances it. Now, part 3 takes a look at some outstanding success stories.

Our last blog post explained how digital employee advocacy can revolutionize your recruiting by streamlining and standardizing the referral process. We showed how it reduces hiring costs and accelerates time to hire, all while boosting your chances of finding the right talent—and keeping it.

As a reminder:

55% of referred candidates are faster to hire than candidates from career sites (source: LinkedIn)

Referred hires cost 40% less than those hired through job boards (source: Recruiterflow)


More and more companies are recognizing that by turning their employees into brand ambassadors, a well-designed digital employee advocacy programme can make them an employer of choice—well beyond their traditional industry reach. A few are well ahead.

“The most interesting candidates want to be wooed. A few years ago, we identified our own employees as particularly credible recruiters with a wide reach.” – Cornelia Lass, Global Head of TA at Avaloq.

Case in point: Telecom provider Vodafone experienced a 200% increase of referrals resulting in more than 300 applications, just 2 months after going live with their digital employee referral program, which resulted in 21 hires in that time span.

Organizations of different sizes, in different industries but all with similar challenges, are seeing significant ROI by modernizing their Employee Advocacy programs through digitalization:

  • Munich Hotel Partners (MHP): achieved 39 new hires in just 9 months.
  • Banking software vendor Avaloq: achieved its Employee Referral targets for the first year within 3 months by tripling the number of referrals per quarter across its global network.
  • Tech consultancy Salt and Pepper: applications via referrals are up 29% and hire through referrals increased by 17%; applicant quality is outstanding—25% of all applicants are hired.
  • HR software vendor Haufe Group: has seen an increase in employee referrals by 20x, a 12x increase in applications whilst doubling the number of hires via referral. Improvements in candidate quality have been significant as well.
  • Oberbank: is operating at a 23% hiring ratio for all candidates who apply via referral, whilst the digitalized program has seen over 50% of employees actively engaging in recommending candidates to the business.

These organizations have three key things in common:

  • A proactive mindset with well-defined communication strategies to drive employee engagement.
  • Inclusivity, transparency, and creativity as top priorities.
  • They don’t standstill. With top skills in increasingly short supply, they continually refresh, modernize, and innovate their approach to talent acquisition (TA).

Champions of digital employee advocacy are showing how such platforms can deliver measurable and sustainable value across a global network to broader and more diverse audiences. The power of social networking enables employers to nurture long-term relationships with promising, high-quality leads and build robust, dynamic, and inclusive talent pools that will help fill future needs, all while remaining GDPR compliant.

The common theme: Greater employee engagement

Andrea Feidner-Beyer, Director of Training and HR Development at MHP: “Creative communication campaigns are an important success factor, engaging employees so they will be motivated to recommend personal contacts on an ongoing basis.”

Improvements in engagement are shaped by a simplified process for employees to share links (jobs/content) into their networks; in some cases, earning rewards by doing so through gamification. Positive experiences for both employees and candidates reinforce the “halo effect” where an ambassador culture helps to improve Employer Brand perception and increases interaction with EVP messaging across platforms, organically attracting the best talent for the business.

Isn’t it time you joined the winners?

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