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Employee referrals are a valuable and long-established recruiting instrument. Today, digital referral programs that take advantage of the simplicity and wide reach of social media are becoming increasingly popular. With best practices, trends and practical tips, we would like to support you in the implementation of a successful, digital "Employees Recruit Employees" program. These topics and many more await you: How do I motivate employees to actively participate in the referral program? What effect do referrals have on my recruiting KPIs? What is gamification and which rewards are particularly popular? How do I combine employee referrals and employer branding?

Blog posts around employee referrals

Employee Referrals as Recruitment Booster: Three success factors that are often neglected

There are many factors that account for an effective employee referral programme. For example, in addition to being compatible with all relevant social media platforms, it should also offer comprehensive analysis tools for HR and motivate employees to contribute through a rewards system that is as individual as possible. But other important success factors are often overlooked. Read here what ... Read More

Team Incentives: Strengthening motivation and cohesion through gamification

    Referral programs such as Talentry’s Employee Referrals are among the most promising measures in HR because, through the gamification approach, they have a positive effect not only on recruitment but also on employer branding and employee retention. Team incentives are particularly popular in this respect. In times of mandatory social distancing, they can a valuable motivational aid. Read More

Get to know our partners: SmartRecruiters

Seamless integration with complementary technology is one of our major goals to deliver a first-class user experience to our customers and their talents alike. This is why Talentry is partnering with market-leading vendors we are introducing to you in this new interview series. Our kick-off partner: SmartRecruiters. Our interview partner: Stanislaw Wasowicz, Regional Director Alliances EMEA at SmartRecruiters.   Read More

The Evolution of Employee Referrals

Employee (social) advocacy is a hot topic in recruiting–but some people are questioning its efficacy. Does it really improve candidate quality and boost diversity? I think the answer is a resounding “yes”. And it’s all down to evolution. Read More

Gamification for more referrals

How do you keep employee referral programs alive? Many fizzle out pretty quickly because employees are often not sufficiently motivated to share jobs in their network over the long term. The easiest route to success: the so-called gamification approach. Read More

Employee referrals: A global trend

From pushchairs to universities, restaurants to banks, the opinions, and recommendations of friends and colleagues matter to us. And it’s a similar story when it comes to employers. In fact, employee referrals are becoming a way of life globally—through with significant local differences, as a new white paper explains. Read More

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Videos, studies and more about employee referrals:

Employee referral

The concept of ``employees recruiting employees`` has proven itself in many companies. However, the digitization of these programs is often still in its infancy. We show you how to turn your employees into recruiters.

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VIDEO: ``How to`` Gamification

Gamification is a simple way to push your referral or ambassador program and motivate employees. We'll show you what you need to keep in mind; which rewards are particularly popular; and how you can still preserve your budget in the process.

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WHITEPAPER: Employee referrals in international recruiting

Referral programs work. And not only in Germany. Nevertheless, there are (corporate) cultural and country-specific differences. Nevertheless, major differences still exist between different countries and regions. Learn more about employee referrals in an international comparison - and also how Avaloq successfully courts talent from France to Hong Kong.

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VIDEO: Employee referrals

We are one of the pioneers in the field of digitized referral programs. Take 1 minute and see for yourself how easy it is to turn employees into recruiters.

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Success Stories and Best Practices

SUCCESS STORY: Avaloq - Small gifts maintain friendships

Avaloq has already discovered some time ago: Employees are the perfect recruiters! With Talentry, this “Employees Recruit Employees” program goes digital – and the launch is a success all along the line, not just thanks to Schoggi.

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SUCCESS STORY: Salt And Pepper Technology - Communicative engineers sought – and found.

Engineers are particularly in demand. And communicative engineers are multi-talented in a way that is rarely found. With Talentry, Salt and Pepper have found the right talent magnet. On top, gamification turns employees into motivated recruiters.

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SUCCESS STORY: Otto - Digital recruiting with win-win-win situation

Otto has introduced its referral program under the name “triple-win”. And this is what winners look like: one in ten recruitments today come through employee referrals. As a side effect, Otto has been able to significantly improve the quality of applications they receive.

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SUCCESS STORY: Celonis - Company growth needs good employees

Celonis relies on digital processes – also in recruiting. With a proactive corporate culture, well-connected employees, and well-thought-out communication, 25% of all hires today can be generated through referrals.

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