We make employee referrals a company’s top hiring source.
In our interconnected world, employee networks serve as the key to unlock an almost limitless pool of talented candidates.

The Digital Employee Referral Platform.


Talentry yields the maximum out of your employees’ networks and makes referring candidates via Social Networks extremely easy – whether it be in the office, with your tablet on the couch or on your smartphone among friends.

Employee Motivation

Talentry assumes the targeted distribution of job vacancies to employees and promotes the number of successful referrals by providing individual incentive models, a smart search function and its own engagement logic.

Nahtlose Integration


Talentry cuts through the red tape of conventional referral programs, provides reliable referral tracking and makes the overall success of employee referrals measurable. The platform also offers hassle-free integration with your standard recruiting systems.

Want to visualize the social reach of your company?

total contacts

Number of employees

On average, one employee cultivates 341 contacts across 2.4 social networks. In other words, an organisation with 1000 employees already spans a substantial network of more than 341,000 potential candidates

  • Antje Haberkorn
    Antje Haberkorn Head of Human Resources, Unternehmensgruppe Dr. Eckert GmbH

    "Contacts now pay off for our employees. Thanks to the great usability of Talentry, recommendations through the „employees refer employees“ program are booming. Our employees have the ability to convey a more authentic image of UGDE than any job ad ever could. Hence, candidates always know what to expect and whether the job vacancy actually matches their personal specifications. We are absolutely certain that the number of miscasts will be reduced through Talentry."

  • Nico Brinkmann
    Nico Brinkmann Manager HR Projects D-A-CH, TEVA / ratiopharm Group

    „We as the Teva/ratiopharm group have deliberately chosen Talentry, as their approach to fulfilling our individual specifications and desires was very fast and goal-oriented. The product speaks for itself, support is great and our contact at Talentry is very likeable, all in all we are more than happy with the collaboration.“