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Recruiting teams work across a number of channels to attract and source new talent. With candidate data spread across many different recruiting tools – often times even excel sheets – complying with GDPR is a challenge. Moreover, you are missing out on the opportunity to gain better insights into candidate data and build talent pools that will help to fill open positions in the future.

Talentry’s Candidate Relationship Management helps you manage all candidate data in one single tool in a GDPR-compliant manner:

Request consent when sourcing new talent leads

When doing Active Search (for example through Talentry’s Active Sourcing features) you can directly obtain the candidate’s consent to data processing. Once the consent is given, the profile is automatically updated in Talentry CRM.

Manage and automate data processing consent

The talent lead profile gives you an at-a-glance view of the candidate’s consent status. With Talentry CRM, you can define the frequency of renewals and automate the renewal for individual candidates as well as groups of candidates.

Customize your GDPR forms and messages

Adjust your GDPR forms and messages based on your individual content requirements and corporate style.

A complete view for all recruiters
– in one tool

Provide your recruiting teams with a single, complete view of all relevant candidate data – no more scattered and outdated information across multiple tools and spreadsheets.

Better results for your recruiting team

Gain better insights

Get a complete view of all of your recruiters’ talent leads and candidates in one tool

Be GDPR compliant

Obtain, track and maintain the consent status of all talent leads and candidates

Support internal collaboration

Prevent your teams from accidently contacting the wrong candidates

Engage candidates

Keep in touch with candidates and nurture them e.g. through emailing campaigns

Build valuable talent pools

Better data quality enables you to create and maintain a strong pipeline of candidates for current and future positions

Ready to manage all candidate data in one single tool in a GDPR-compliant manner? Arrange a free demo now

Ready to manage all candidate data in one single tool in a GDPR-compliant manner? Arrange a free demo now.

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