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Talentry Launches Candidate Relationship Management Solution

Munich, February 5, 2019

New recruitment marketing platform
enables the creation of stronger talent pools and helps fill open positions rapidly

Munich (Germany), February 5, 2019 – Talentry, a leading employee referrals and employee advocacy platform, is expanding its portfolio with Talentry Candidate Relationship Management (CRM). Using CRM, companies can increase the effectiveness of their recruiting channels, build stronger talent pools, establish campaigns to strengthen their relationships with talent, and fill both current and future vacancies faster.

With CRM, Talentry now offers a comprehensive recruitment marketing platform that digitalises the process from the first point of contact to generation of applications. The platform provides lead generation, talent pool building, talent lead nurturing and conversion of leads into applications, and ultimately brings together high quality talent with open positions. In addition to accelerated ‘time-to-hire’, companies benefit from qualified candidates and low ‘cost per hire’. Talentry CRM integrates fully with applicant tracking systems (ATS) to provide a seamless candidate journey.

Talentry’s recruitment marketing platform is characterised by the fact that, unlike pure CRM solutions, it provides a decisive recruitment channel: the networks of existing employees. Other Talentry modules for employee referrals and employee advocacy allow existing employees to help identify and recruit new candidates. Within the platform, all contacts (i.e. leads) are integrated directly into CRM and organised in talent pools.

A paradigm shift in recruiting

With this platform, Talentry addresses today’s pressing recruitment challenges. “Up to 86% of employees are not actively looking for a job,” says Carl Hoffmann, founder and CEO of Talentry. “Traditional methods such as job ads have limited effectiveness, because they rely on talented people actively applying. In addition, they can be resource-intensive, particularly when using active search via business networks. Companies must therefore develop a new recruitment mindset, which is precisely where Talentry’s platform comes into play. Today, recruitment must be viewed in the same way as the marketing and sales process, in which leads are actively generated and relationships are strategically built and nurtured to win customers. Companies should therefore design their talent strategies according to marketing and sales principles, and deploy the processes and technologies which enable them to be successful.”

The importance of relationship management

Talent pools and relationship management play a central role here as companies can fall back on candidates with whom they have already had contact in the past. If it wasn’t the right profile for a position at the time, or if the candidate rejected an offer, the person in question could well be considered for another position later. Ideally, the company will have established a relationship with the candidate in the past and can now identify, mobilise and ‘win’ the candidate more quickly. This gives companies a significant speed advantage in filling vacancies, which is crucial as research shows time to hire is getting longer and longer, with 73% of organisations complaining about an increase over the past five years.

Talentry CRM was developed in close dialogue with market-leading companies. This includes, among others, Franke Group. Marc Hexspoor, Vice-President Human Resources, on the benefits of CRM: “In recruiting, companies have to be able to react quickly. Digitalised Candidate Relationship Management helps us to generate contacts to promising talented individuals, organise them in talent pools and thus immediately fill vacant positions with suitable candidates. This is a real competitive advantage”.

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Talentry CRM delivers the following functionality:

Talent pool management

Talentry CRM first captures talent leads (i.e. data about qualified individuals) through sources which include career fairs, active search and employee referrals. Recruiters can then organise these leads into talent pools and search for relevant profiles using intelligent search functionality. For example, talent pools can be set up for specific company departments, job groups (e.g. software engineers), required qualifications or according to the recruiting channel through which the leads were generated. A browser extension, which records relevant profiles from business networks in the pool with just a few clicks, also supports the creation of talent pools. Talentry CRM also enables the integration of ‘join widgets’ on career websites, so that interested talents can quickly and easily register for a talent pool.

Campaign management

Talentry CRM users can easily interact with talent and build relationships through using individual communication frameworks, as well as automated and permanent campaigns.. The solution takes into account the individual Candidate Journey that a company has defined for its target groups, and also supports the promotion of the employer brand and relevant content among potential candidates.

Process automation

Automated workflows make it easier for recruiters to control candidate relationship management. This includes, for example, shifting talents to other pools when a status has changed. The automatic transfer of a candidate to the applicant management system as soon as he or she has applied for a position ensures a seamless candidate journey.

Analysis as a basis for strategic planning

Digitalised Candidate Relationship Management enables comprehensive data analysis for the optimisation of many recruiting processes and key figures.

This results in various advantages:

Better planning:
Based on the objectives to be achieved, it is possible to determine how many leads, candidates and applications must be generated in the various phases of the recruitment process.

Increased performance of recruiting channels:
Communication activities (i.e. nurturing) increase the probability of contacts across all proactive recruiting channels to become applicants.

Measurable contribution of recruiting to corporate value creation:
Every vacancy that is open but unfilled, costs companies a measurable portion of business value. ‘VpH’ (value-per-hire) indicates how much added value is created by an accelerated hiring process.

Greater cost transparency:
Classic key figures such as cost-per-hire can be more easily determined and influenced on the basis of completely digitalised processes

About Talentry

Talentry is a software company and has been one of the leading providers of cloud-based recruiting solutions since 2013. Talentry’s recruitment marketing platform enables companies to tap new sources for potential applicants with the help of their employees’ networks, to strengthen the employer brand sustainably by distributing relevant content and to build and maintain relationships with candidates. Talentry increases the productivity of multiple recruiting channels to match talent with suitable employers and helps companies overcome skills shortages. Its clients include numerous DAX companies as well as renowned international companies. Talentry is based in Munich and London and employs more than 50 people.

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