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Talentry is changing the way companies find new talent. We are convinced that HR departments of the future will need to pursue a marketing- and sales-oriented approach to build up talent pools and win candidates. Talentry is a software-as-a-service solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing recruiting processes and applicant tracking system.

Talentry at a glance

Access to new talent networks thanks to the social reach of your employees

Strengthening of your employer brand by distributing corporate content

Creation and maintenance of relationships with several thousand talented people for current and future positions

High security standards and GDPR compliance

Can be used throughout the corporate group and internationally

Comprehensive onboarding and support for your recruiting success

Talentry is the only recruitment marketing software that simultaneously empowers your employer brand, enables you to generate new talent leads, and strategically build relationships with candidates. All in one platform.

The recruitment marketing platform for employee referrals and candidate relationship management

Employee referrals

With Talentry Jobs & Stories your employees become recruiters and brand ambassadors by sharing vacancies and corporate content in their social networks.

Candidate relationship management

With Talentry CRM, you can identify, organize and engage talent.