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A lack of skilled workers, passive job seekers, digital transformation: Competition for the best talent has never been as difficult as it is today. Recruiters need to find new ways to reach candidates, create a strong employer brand and win the best employees. Talentry enables you to use the most effective recruiting and employer branding channel there is: Your employees.

Talentry is a software-as-a-service solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing recruiting processes and applicant tracking system. We provide you with long-term support to turn Talentry into a success for your company.  


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Talentry at a glance

Access to new talent pools through your employees’ social networks

Strengthening of your employer brand through content sharing

Ready for enterprise-wide and international use

High security standards and GDPR compliance.

Fast introduction in your company

Comprehensive onboarding and support for your recruiting success

Talentry Jobs

With Talentry Jobs, your employees become recruiters by sharing vacancies through their social networks and referring candidates with just two clicks.

Talentry Stories

With Talentry Stories, your employees become brand advocates by sharing your content on their social networks.

Our vision

Since 2013, Talentry has been changing the way companies find new talent. We are convinced that HR departments of the future will need to pursue a marketing- and sales-based approach to build up talent pools and win candidates. 

Find out more about our vision for recruitment of the future and our forthcoming product modules in a personal meeting.


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