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Turn your employees into recruiters and brand ambassadors

With the digital Employee Referral platform

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With Talentry Jobs & Stories, we provide a digital Employee Referral program that enables you to:

Reduce costs and time-to-hire

Create an attractive and authentic employer brand

Increase the quality of applicants

How Talentry Jobs & Stories works

With Talentry Jobs, your employees become recruiters by sharing vacancies in their social networks and referring candidates with just two clicks. Talentry’s employee referral program is seamlessly integrated with your existing recruiting process and your applicant tracking system.

With the Talentry Stories add-on module, your employees share not only vacancies but also corporate content in their social networks – and thus become authentic ambassadors for your employer brand.

Thanks to a “Smart Matching” feature, shared content is automatically linked to matching job offers – thus increasing your reach in filling your positions and attracting more talent leads.

As a recruiter, you publish vacancies for your employees…

…plus a wide variety of corporate content – blog articles or videos, for example – in Talentry. Thanks to a "Smart Matching" feature, shared content is automatically linked to matching job offers.

Your employees see the advertized vacancies and the content…

…share all this in their social networks, and refer suitable candidates – via, for example, iOS or the Android app.

Potential candidates can apply for a referred job in just a few steps…

...and gain authentic insights into your company.

Dashboards and reports enable your recruiters to perform detailed analyses…

…and provide your employees with transparency regarding the status of their activities. A configurable gamification function further enhances motivation and engagement.


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Your advantages at a glance

All the key functions and advantages at a glance:
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With Talentry CRM we provide you with a candidate relationship management tool that enables you to identify and organize talent and get them interested in your company