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With Candidate Relationship Management

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Talentry CRM is a Candidate Relationship Management software that enables you to:

Build talent pools for current and future positions

Develop and nurture relationships with thousands of talent leads

Reduce costs and time-to-hire

How Talentry CRM works

Talentry CRM enables you to identify talent for current and future vacancies, organize potential candidates flexibly in multiple pools and launch campaigns to get them interested in your company. Talentry CRM is seamlessly integrated with your existing recruiting process and applicant tracking system. It is the only candidate relationship management tool that comes with a crucial recruiting channel: digital employee referrals.

A ground-breaking recruiting technology: Talentry CRM also received the HR Innovation Award 2019.

Interesting talent profiles can be added to talent pools easily and efficiently. You can, for example, integrate relevant profiles from business networks quickly and in accordance with GDPR…

Enable interested talent to become part of your talent pool "live" and directly at events...

…or enable interested talent to become part of your talent pool on your career website with very few clicks.

Recruiters and active sourcers have a complete overview of a talent’s interests and activities in real time…

…and can perform flexible searches by profiles in a central talent list.

Campaigns continuously and automatically supply your talent with relevant content about the company – enabling you to establish a relationship progressively, developing their interest until they are ready to apply.

Be compliant by easily managing and reviewing the consent status of all your candidates

An integrated dashboard gives you complete transparency about the development of your talent pools at all times.


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Your advantages at a glance

All the key functions and advantages at a glance:
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Employee Referrals

In addition to Talentry CRM, we offer Talentry Jobs & Stories – a digital employee referral program that delivers talent leads for your CRM