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Candidate journey or experience, ambassador programmes and content marketing: The fact that recruiting and marketing have a lot in common is not only evident in the obvious intersection of employer branding.

Blog posts around recruitment marketing

How to Inspire Your Candidates: Six ideas for successful email campaigns

All Eyes on You! With a humorous job ad, striking headline, or exceptional photo you can quickly get the attention of potential candidates. Unfortunately, only briefly. The real skill lies in holding people’s attention permanently and turning it into an active relationship. That is why, in the long run, it is better to inspire your candidates with target-group-specific email campaigns ... Read More

“Do good by talking about it” – More traffic for local public transport thanks to dedicated ambassadors and Talentry

Zurich public transport operator Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ) provides people in Switzerland’s largest city and its surrounding regions with high-quality local transport services 365 days a year. In a network beyond the tracks and roads, the company presents itself not only as a friendly, cosmopolitan employer but also as a humorous and informative storyteller. Most of the stories themselves come from ... Read More

The journey continues: why the candidate journey does not end once the job is filled

From the job ad to the employment contract: companies that still regard the candidate journey as a start-finish race are throwing away valuable potential and slowing down their recruitment. Read More

Alumni Programmes: You never know when you’ll meet again

“Alumni“, former “pupils” of the company is often overlooked as a target group in recruitment. Yet employers would do well by maintaining and nurturing contact with former employees, trainees, apprentices, and freelancers. They not only remain influential ambassadors for the employer brand; if the timing is right, they can also become of importance once again as candidates, with one significant ... Read More

More than a virtual intermezzo: integrate digital recruitment events into your talent management in a meaningful way.

Virtual recruitment events have been an interesting alternative for everyone involved since well before lockdown. But employers only really benefit from them once digital events have been integrated into their talent relationship management in a meaningful way.    Read More

Recruit like a Marketer: Why you need personas – and how you get there

We all agree that the first step to attracting the right type of talent is knowing your target group. Marketers have been dealing with this challenge for ages – which is why recruiters can benefit a lot from their expertise. And why we have invited Adele Revella, author of the best-selling book Buyer Personas and founder of the Buying Persona ... Read More

It’s the candidate experience, stupid!

Historically, the vacancy has been in the driving seat in identifying suitable candidates. As the recruiting world has evolved, so has the perception of the candidate with the emphasis on placing the candidate first now critical. Read More

Why Candidate Relationship Management is the key to GDPR compliance

Many recruiting organizations are still struggling to achieve full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It doesn’t come as a great surprise as their fragmented recruiting systems are preventing good governance, and dashing all hope of achieving full tracking. Read More

Omni-channel experience in the talent world

As consumers of a new product or service, we expect the buying experience to be positive and engaging at every touchpoint. We want a webchat to segue seamlessly to a contact center agent before being concluded in store. We get terribly frustrated if we have to ‘describe the want’ again and again, at each stage of the journey. Read More

Tech to the rescue – how digital can enhance employee advocacy

Last week we were digging into employee advocacy, explaining its power as a recruitment tool in today’s markets. This week it’s time to take a look at how digital technologies can help make employee advocacy even more powerful. Read More

Trusted voices – the key to a great recruitment strategy

This is the first of three blogs about the foundation of employee advocacy (Part 1), how technology can enhance advocacy programs (Part 2), and how it all works out in practice (Part 3). Are you paying recruitment agencies a premium and still not finding the talent you need? Are your traditional recruiting challenges losing impact? Are you attempting to create ... Read More

Goodbye, Recruiting Funnel!

Every recruitment team has one. The much-loved Recruiting Funnel has accompanied us to many board presentations, greets us from office walls in the morning, and shows us the hard-won success of our recruiting efforts on a dashboard in the evening. That’s why what I’m about to say could be a bit painful for many recruiters and employer branding experts. Read More

Sales strategies for recruiting:

“You work in sales?” When I tell friends about my job, they often raise their eyebrows. Sales have a certain image, and it’s not always positive. The vacuum cleaner representative sends his regards, that sort of thing. Why then should recruiting, of all activities, look to sales for inspiration? Because outside perceptions are not necessarily accurate. In fact, some sales ... Read More

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WHITEPAPER: Recruit like a marketer

``Post and Pray`` is no longer up to date. In our white paper, we show you what recruiting can learn from marketing and sales. After all, potential customers have long since stopped being left to their own devices and are now being wooed. With a comparable approach, the best talents can be found, organized in talent pools, maintained in a structured manner, communicated with them - and ultimately hired. In short, (potential) candidates should be treated like (potential) clients. Recruiting goes Marketing & Sales.

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WHITEPAPER: Social Recruiting

Social media have also become an integral part of recruiting - especially in the area of employer branding. But there are many other ways to use social media for your recruitment. Because every one of your employees is networked. We will show you how to make clever use of your employees' networks for your recruiting.

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Employee Advocacy: Spice up your recruiting

We all trust in friends and acquaintances more than companies. That is why the best employer branding message comes from your employees. And that is exactly what Employee Advocacy is. We show you how to turn satisfied employees into ambassadors for your employer brand.

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VIDEO: Advocacy & Employer Branding with Talentry

Satisfied employees are your best advertisement. We'll show you how to build an ambassador program with Talentry and leverage your employees' networks to strengthen your employer brand.

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Recruit like a marketer: Our RecruitingCONNECT Masterclass

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