Using the power of your employees

to provide new strength for your employer brand - and for your recruitment

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Low unemployment rates, a huge shortage of qualified specialists, new skills for the challenges of digitization and changes in work-life balance requirements – recruitment is a topic full of challenges these days.

In fact, economic success depends on whether top talents can be convinced of the benefits a company offers as an employer.

In the “war for talent”, many organizations are reacting with big and expensive employer branding campaigns. However, considerable potential frequently remains unused within these: the company’s employees.

After all, they are the most authentic ambassadors for the employer brand – and can also fuel your recruitment strategy. 

Our White Paper outlines:

Why employees are a company’s most valuable employer branding channel

How employee advocacy can drive recruitment

How to create a win-win-win situation for your organization, employees and candidates

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Learn more about how to successfully address today’s recruitment challenges through employee advocacy in our whitepaper. 


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The strongest weapon in the war for talent? Your employees.
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