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Employer Branding

Create an authentic employer brand and attract new talent
with the help of your employees

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72% of people have more trust in content that’s shared by their personal network.

Your most important employer branding channel? Your own employees.

Content creation

Create powerful employer branding stories

Blog posts, videos, insights from the last company event: great stories strengthen your employer brand. Make these stories available in Talentry Referrals for your employees to share on social media. The Smart Matching algorithm links content with suitable vacancies, for immediate impact on your recruiting.

Content sharing

Turn employees into brand ambassadors and recruiting influencers

By sharing stories in their social networks your employees make potential candidates aware of your employer brand. The impact on recruiting? By clicking on the post, potential candidates can directly apply for open jobs.

Dashboards & Analytics

Employer Branding becomes measureable

Keep instant track of all important KPIs with the Overview Dashboard. Did you know that content shared by employees has click rates up to 8 times higher than posts through corporate channels?

Ready to find new talent using your employees’ networks?

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Social Media Sharing

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Boost your employees’ engagement through gamification and rewards – receive more referrals

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Dashboards & Analytics

With the right metrics, data and analytics you can continuously optimize your employee referral program

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Enterprise Solutions

Integrations, multi-client capability and much more for enterprise-wide and global use

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Kristin Stengel @ Avaloq

Talent Acquisition Professional

Angelica Preier

Strategic Initiatives HR, Oberbank AG

Andrea Feidner-Beyer

Director of Training & HR Development, Munich Hotel Partners

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