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Welcome to our Content Hub! Here you will find a lot of information about topics that move and inspire us: From A for Active Sourcing, C for Candidate Experience, E for Employer Branding, and M for Employee Referrals to T for Talent Pipeline and V for Video Interviews. And all this in a variety of formats – including webinars and videos. Have fun browsing!

Our most recent blog posts:

Start small, think big: Candidate Relationship Management for Beginners

Recruitment processes that start by approaching the candidate and end with hiring them have become inefficient – regardless of how creative the content and how diverse the touchpoints. The bottom line: you end up starting from scratch again each time. Candidate relationship management, on the other hand, focuses on nurturing long-term relationships that consistently put the candidate at the very center, connect relevant HR systems, and automates processes. …

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Internal Gig Economy:

Economic crises promote freelancing and project work – that has always been the case. But even regardless of pandemic circumstances, the gig economy is on the rise. The concept can also be applied to the internal talent market. Here we explain how companies can benefit from an Internal Gig Economy not only in times of crisis but in the long …

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Team Incentives: Strengthening motivation and cohesion through gamification

Referral programs such as Talentry’s Employee Referrals are among the most promising measures in HR because, through the gamification approach, they have a positive effect not only on recruitment but also on employer branding and employee retention. Team incentives are particularly popular in this respect. In times of mandatory social distancing, they can a valuable motivational aid.

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Our topics at a glance

Talent Relationship Management

How do I build a talent pipeline? What is Internal Mobility, Talent Nurturing or a Recruiting Wheel? Why should I build relationships with talents at all? These topics and much more can be found here.

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Recruitment Marketing

Candidate journey or experience, ambassador programmes and content marketing: The fact that recruiting and marketing have a lot in common is not only evident in the obvious intersection of employer branding.

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Whether active sourcing, target-group-specific candidate approach or selection process: Successful personnel search has many facets. We have summarised trends and practical tips on the subject of sourcing for you.

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Employee Referrals

Employee referrals is a tried and tested concept. At Talentry, we are among the pioneers in the digitalisation of this concept. Here you will find practical tips on successful employee referral programmes.

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Videos, Webinars and Success Stories:


Sometimes watching is better than reading. We have compiled an overview of our videos for you. Here you will find entertaining snack interviews, "how to" videos, insights behind the scenes of Talentry and much more.

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Webinars & Events

Webinars are the perfect format for quick updates in between. Here you will find practical tips, recruiting trends, best practice examples from our customers from our RecruitingCONNECT series. And hopefully soon again dates for live events.

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Success Stories

As the experts in advocacy, we know Employees are the best ambassadors for your employer brand - and satisfied customers are our best advocates. Here you will find case studies, best practice interviews and videos.

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