Talentry Resources Employee Referrals

    Employee Referrals

    Trends, best practices, "how-to" videos and much more on the subject of recommendation schemes.

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    Talentry Resources Employee Referrals

    Employee referrals are a valuable and long-established recruiting instrument. Today, digital referral programs that take advantage of the simplicity and wide reach of social media are becoming increasingly popular. With best practices, trends and practical tips, we would like to support you in the implementation of a successful, digital "Employees Recruit Employees" program. These topics and many more await you: How do I motivate employees to actively participate in the referral program? What effect do referrals have on my recruiting KPIs? What is gamification and which rewards are particularly popular? How do I combine employee referrals and employer branding?

    Blogs, videos, webinars, studies and more about employee referrals:

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