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Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

Boost Social Media: More reach with employee advocacy

Each employee has an average of 341 social media contacts. With employee advocacy, you tap into this network as a source of valuable traffic.

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Talentry Employee Advocacy Software
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Recharge your employer brand.

Talentry makes it easy for your employees to share employer branding content in their social networks. Central to this is the Engagement Engine that ensures a high level of activity: an employee app with newsletters, push notifications, gamification features and much more.

Increase traffic to your career pages.

Employees are micro-influencers. With targeted storytelling, you can attract appropriate traffic to your career site - for both authentic branding and efficient recruitment. The benefit: you significantly reduce the cost of buying traffic.

Make employer branding measurable.

See which stories are particularly well received, which employees are particularly active and which activities lead to actual job applications. Useful metrics not only show the success of your employer branding activities. They also increase potential for optimisation.

ATS Integration: Combine employee advocacy with recruiting.

Talentry Employee Advocacy can be seamlessly connected to your applicant tracking system. A smart matching algorithm links stories to relevant jobs, creating a direct benefit for you in recruitment. This way, you also reach passive candidates who are not currently looking for a job, but are interested in your company.

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Talentry Employee Advocacy Software: Smart Job Matching
Talentry Employee Advocacy Software: Engagement Engine

Employee engagement for more social media reach.

The Talentry Engagement Engine keeps your employee advocacy programme interesting. The mobile app also allows you to reach colleagues who are not at their computers every day. Simple communication tools, such as automated newsletters, dedicated email campaigns, internal stories or push notifications in the app, make content marketing activities fully professional.

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Create content in no time - for internal communication as well.

Do your already have a blog or social media presence? Using the link to published articles, you can make your own content quickly and easily available via Talentry. But even without a template, creating stories is still very straightforward. Incidentally, with a simple click, you can make stories available to employees only. This gives you an additional channel for internal communication.

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Talentry Employee Advocacy Software: Internal Communication
Talentry Employee Advocacy Software: Gamification

Create additional incentives with gamification and a reward shop.

Gamification uses micro-rewards to increase motivation. You decide how many points your employees receive, for example, for sharing stories or the resulting number of clicks. Fraud prevention and point limits protect your gamification programme from abuse and help you to keep within budgets. Your employees can then redeem points in a reward shop that is individually configurable. Incidentally: it needn't always be a cash reward...

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Talentry makes your employer branding activities transparent and measurable.

Traffic figures, shares, likes, clicks - even applications can be tracked back to your content marketing: Talentry makes employee advocacy transparent and its success measurable. You see which topics are best received and can optimise your content management strategy accordingly. Incidentally, your employees also see the fruits of their labour in the Talentry mobile app and can be further incentivised by gamification features.

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Talentry Employee Advocacy Software: Analytics
Talentry Employee Advocacy Software: Employee Referrals

Looking for more? Focus on employee referrals.

Employees have an instinct for suitable candidates. Turn your brand advocates into recruiters as well - and reduce your time-to-hire. Because an authentic employer brand and the network power of your employees are an unbeatable combination for greater success in recruitment.

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"Talentry’s Advocacy & Employer Branding expands our content-driven approach. The distribution effectiveness of our own employees allows us to carry content in personal networks that are actually closed to us as an employer."

Florian Schrodt
Personnel Marketing Manager, VBZ

You can never have enough brand ambassadors. Employee advocates not only amplify social media reach, but also ensure greater trust and authenticity - especially in recruitment. With employee advocacy software, you give your employees simple tools that turn them into brand ambassadors.

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Talentry resources for employee advocacy

Are you looking for practical tips, HR trends, webinars and studies about employer branding, employee advocacy platforms, storytelling, etc.? We have something for you:

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VBZ is fully committed to storytelling. The stories themselves come largely from the company's own employees. Talentry supports content-driven HR marketing with a customised advocacy solution. We talked to Florian Schrodt about his strategy for the VBZ career website.

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Employee Communication: Link employee advocacy and internal communication

The internet usually acts as a general collection point for all types of corporate content. Important messages inevitably get lost. So what could be more appropriate than using employee advocacy apps such as the one from Talentry for internal communication as well?


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