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Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

Your Turbocharger: More referrals through engaged employees

Engaged employees are the best guarantee of success for your digital employee referral scheme. That's why Talentry focuses on the perfect employee experience.

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Talentry Employee Referral Software
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Increase employee engagement.

Talentry makes the referral process both simple and transparent for your employees. Central to this is the Engagement Engine, an employee app with push notifications, status updates, gamification, and much more.

Make employee referrals efficient.

Talentry and your applicant tracking system are the perfect employee referral team. Seamless, digitised processes allow you to integrate employee referrals into your normal workflows and make them an integral part of your recruitment mix.

Ensure transparency and measurability.

Both your employees and recruiters can keep track of every referral. This not only simplifies the processing of rewards. It also allows you to measure the success of your digital employee referral scheme.

Turn informal networks into a systematic recruitment channel

Talentry is "enterprise ready": customise your employee referral platform according to your company's requirements, including corporate identity, system interfaces, multiple languages and multiple mandate options. Each employee has an average of 341 social media contacts. Why not turn this into a professional recruitment channel?

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Talentry Employee Referral Software: Networking
Talentry Employee Referral Software: Engagement Engine

Employee engagement for more quality referrals

The Talentry Engagement Engine keeps employees interested in your referral scheme. The mobile app also allows you to reach colleagues who are not at their computers every day. Simple tools, such as automated newsletters, dedicated email campaigns, internal stories and push notifications in the app, ensure that all communication relating to your employee referral scheme is fully professional.

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Create additional incentives with gamification and a reward shop

Gamification uses micro-rewards to increase motivation. You determine how many points your employees receive, for example, for sharing a job ad or recommending candidates. Fraud prevention and point limits protect your gamification  programme from abuse and help you keep within budgets. Your employees can then redeem their points in a reward shop that can be individually configured. It doesn't always have to be a cash reward...

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Talentry Employee Referral Software: Gamification
Talentry Employee Referral Software: ATS Integration

Benefit from ATS integration for comprehensive reporting and the perfect candidate journey

A seamless connection to your applicant tracking system (ATS) ensures not only that job ads and applications are automatically in sync. It also makes the entire recruitment process - including employee referrals - transparent. This facilitates comprehensive reporting and helps you optimise your referral strategy. Synchronisation with your ATS also ensures a continuous candidate and recruiter journey, from the initial contact to the application. The benefit for you: employees also receive updates regarding the status of their referrals.

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Remain both GDPR compliant and efficient

Talentry makes it easy for you to set up your digital employee referral scheme to be GDPR compliant - from obtaining and saving consent to automatic updates. This way, you ensure that data protection does not start to hinder efficiency. Do you work in a team or wish to involve your hiring managers directly in the selection process? Talentry can support you with simple collaboration tools.

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Talentry Employee Referral Software: GDPR
Talentry Employee Referral Software: Employer Branding

Looking for more? Focus on general referrals and employer branding.

Employees have an instinct for suitable candidates - even when there are no vacancies. Collect these general referrals in a talent pool and reduce your time-to-hire. Enhance your referrals scheme with Talentry Employee Advocacy and turn employees into ambassadors for your employer brand. Because everyone loves authentic stories. And, with automatic matching, your employer branding content is directly linked to relevant job postings.

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"Talentry has left a lasting impression on Vodafone Germany. The technical integration of Talentry in our applicant management system only took a few weeks. The project continued at a rapid pace: 64% more applications and 200% more hires in just 8 weeks are really an impressive result."

Anja Bank
Employer Brand Manager, Vodafone

The concept of employees recruiting others is not new. After all, your best employees often help you in sourcing the best talent. But if you want to tap into the concentrated power of social recruiting, there is no way round employee referral software.

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Talentry resources for employee referrals

Are you looking for practical tips, HR trends, webinars and surveys about employee referrals, talent acquisition, gamification, etc.? We have something for you: 

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Compatibility with all relevant social media platforms, comprehensive analytics and a reward system that is as individual as possible are part of standard functionality. Read about what you need to pay attention to with your employee referral scheme.

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Talentry Masterclass "Creating Recruitment Influencers"

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Team Incentives: Strengthen motivation and cohesion through gamification

Referral schemes are not only a recruitment booster. With gamification, you also have a positive effect on your employer brand and staff retention. Team incentives are especially popular. In times of mandatory social distancing, they can be a valuable motivator.

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