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Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

Promote internal mobility through employee engagement

The Talentry Employee Experience turns your internal recruitment into a win-win situation. You gain satisfied and loyal employees who grow with the company.

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Talentry Internal Mobility Software
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Increase employee activity.

Don't settle for an internal job market. Talentry communication tools provide the necessary attention. And with simple application processes, you'll get the right response.

Make internal recruiting efficient.

Talentry and your applicant tracking system are the perfect internal mobility software team. Seamless processes, collaboration tools and workflow automation ensure the perfect recruiter experience and efficiency.

Make decisions based on metrics.

Don't rely on your gut feeling. With Talentry Internal Mobility, you don't just measure applicant response rates. Keep an eye on employee activity and optimise your internal recruitment step by step.

Make people curious about internal career opportunities

With the Talentry Engagement Engine, you also reach employees who are not actively looking for an internal career move. Form automated newsletters, dedicated email campaigns and internal stories to the employee app with push notifications: make communication surrounding your internal mobility programme fully professional and benefit from increasing internal recruitment rates.

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Talentry Internal Mobility Software: Engagement Engine
Talentry Internal Mobility Software: Internal Job Board

Make your internal job market transparent and efficient

Import job advertisements directly from your applicant tracking system, categorise internal vacancies as such and offer a simple internal application process. Your internal job market is available as an employee app - including filter and search functions. Recruiters benefit from a comprehensive set of tools for easy administration, team collaboration and automation.

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Take advantage of ATS integration for seamless reporting & the perfect employee Journey

Central data storage and a seamless connection to your applicant tracking system (ATS) make the entire recruitment process trackable, facilitate reporting and allow you to optimise your internal mobility strategy. At the same time, synchronisation with your ATS ensures an uninterrupted employee and recruiter journey - from approach to application.

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Talentry Internal Mobility Software: ATS Integration
Talentry Internal Mobility Software: Talent Pools

Make use of talent pools for internal sourcing

Employees with career opportunities are more motivated. Offer your employees a simple way to indicate they are interested in an internal move, for example, by registering in an internal talent pool. Or create internal pools specifically for high potentials. You can organise these pools individually and easily search them when sourcing talent internally.

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"What we appreciate about Talentry is its strong user-centricity: employees experience a platform for their internal applications, an internal talent pool and device-independent use. Thanks to the msg design and target group-specific campaigns, it also supports our internal employer branding."

Julia Goldbrunner
Head of Recruiting Service, msg

With the increasing willingness to change jobs more frequently, internal recruitment is becoming more and more important. Studies show that employees remain 41 percent longer in companies that have a high level of internal mobility. It is therefore worth thinking about the use of dedicated internal mobility software.

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Talentry resources for internal recruitment

Are you looking for practical tips, HR trends, webinars and studies on internal mobility, internal sourcing, employee communication, talent management and more? We have something for you:

Talentry Blog Internal Mobility Mindset Mercer | Promerit

Internal Recruitment: "The key issue is the mindset“

Internal mobility has been identified as one of the most important trends in people management. But only with the right mindset and smart technology as an enabler can companies exploit the full potential of an efficient internal job market.

Talentry Blog Internal Mobility Software

Internal Mobility: How to use your employees as a promising source of talent

Lack of coordination, no structures and insufficient transparency? There is another way! Find out how you can encourage your employees to follow individual career paths, improve staff retention and benefit from a shorter 'time to fill'.

Talentry Blog Internal Mobility Software

Employee communication: getting the internal message across

Our customers’ employees are already registered on our Employee Relationship Platform, and receive regular updates. Learn more about how we adaptedour Stories feature and the user-friendly interface (desktop and smartphone app) to offer the ideal basis for internal communication.

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