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Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

      Keep in Touch: target-group specific, proactive, automated

      Focus on developing long-term relationships with top talent. Talentry CRM consolidates everything you need on one platform.

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      Increase efficiency in recruitment

      Take advantage of centrally stored candidate profiles and data, integrated with your applicant tracking system. Cover the complete recruitment workflow and make your recruitment activities not only more efficient, but also measurable.

      Benefit from automation

      Stay top of mind - with little effort. A careful mix of automated campaigns, target-group specific mailings and individual approaches make relationship management efficient, without being impersonal.

      Leveraging the potential of your candidate information

      Turn talent profiles into real candidate relations. Segmentation of your data forms the basis for target-group specific communication. Dashboards and reporting functions provide measurability and highlight optimisation potential.

      Keep in contact - with simple campaign tools

      The talent campaign function helps you create target-group specific mailings quickly and easily - even without design skills and knowledge of HTML. This way, you keep in contact, generate registrations for talent pools, communities or events, strengthen your employer brand, and remain on people's radar.

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      Talentry Recruitment CRM: Campaigns
      Talentry Recruitment CRM: Talent Pools

      Manage talent leads centrally in team-compatible talent pools

      Create talent pools and manage access rights - for internal teams and, if required, for hiring managers too. Allow candidates themselves to register for talent pools using configurable forms. Tags, filters and search functions make target-group specific communication with your candidates easier. Thanks to saved contact histories, a perfect candidate experience is also guaranteed when sourcing in teams.

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      Streamline workflows with automation and collaboration tools

      Repetitive tasks can be simplified using intelligent automation. A direct link to your Outlook mailbox gives you convenient communication options directly from the talent profile. And notes, reminders and collaboration tools enable efficient time management and teamwork.

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      Talentry Recruitment CRM: Workflow Automation
      Talentry Recruitment CRM: ATS Integration

      Take advantage of ATS integration for comprehensive reporting & the perfect candidate journey

      Central data storage and a seamless connection to your applicant tracking system(ATS) make the entire recruitment process trackable, make reporting easier and allow you to optimise your talent sourcing strategy. At the same time, synchronisation with your ATS guarantees an uninterrupted candidate and recruiter journey - from approach to application.

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      Manage GDPR processes without extra effort

      Obtain data protection approval during the registration process. The consent status of any candidate is visible to you and all other recruiters at any time. Set the date for renewing consent and automate this process for both individual candidates and groups.

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      Talentry Recruitment CRM: GDPR

      "Essential functionality such as performance metrics, flexible talent pools and communication options were important to us. But we really liked the fact that, with Talentry, things can be individually customised in line with our processes. The system is flexible and agile, and you can continually make adjustments. This makes things simpler and more efficient."

      Julia Beuthien
      Team Lead Talent Acquisition, Personio

      "Post and pray" has long since ceased to be a sensible recruitment strategy. Proactive recruitment is needed in the race for the best talent. Inspired by classic sales and marketing strategies, this is where candidate relationship management comes into play.

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      Personio is growing extremely fast. This means employing a lot of top talent ad hoc. To make strategic planning possible for short-term appointments, the start-up relies on candidate relationship management.

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      Why second-choice candidates are not second best

      At the end of the hiring process there can only be one person – at least for the current vacancy. But because of future job openings and staffing needs, second-choice candidates are valuable contacts worth nurturing.

      Talentry Free Ebook Getting Started with CRM

      E-BOOK: Getting started Candidate Relationship Management

      What if you didn't have to start searching again from scratch each time? We show you how to develop a proactive and lasting recruitment strategy with candidate relationship management (CRM).

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