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Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

    All in One: Consolidate your talent sourcing activities

    Make time for recruitment tasks that provide real added value! Talentry Talent Sourcing is your team's control centre for recruitment in business networks, talent pool management and candidate relationship management.

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    Talentry Talent Sourcing Software
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    Eliminate time-consuming operational tasks

    Import complete profiles from business networks with a few clicks. Manage these and other candidate profiles centrally in talent pools that include contact history. Source efficiently in recruiter teams and make use of your existing pools of qualified candidates.

    Make talent sourcing measurable

    Benefit from centrally stored data, integrated with your applicant tracking system. Cover the complete recruitment workflow and make your talent sourcing activities trackable and measurable.

    Source in a GDPR-compliant way - very easily

    Impress your data protection officer with talent sourcing software that is fully GDPR compliant. Automate consent management and enjoy the best of both worlds: data protection and time savings.

    Streamline routine sourcing procedures

    Source top talent in business networks such as LinkedIn or Xing and import talent profiles with a few clicks. Supplement your talent pools with contacts imported from other sources - including CV parsing. Clearly structured talent profiles, including contact history, make it easier to contact the right candidates directly from the system. And with notes, reminders and intelligent automation, you have full functionality for successful time management.

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    Talentry Talent Sourcing Software: Browser Extension
    Talentry Talent Sourcing Software: Talent Pools

    Manage talent leads centrally in team-compatible talent pools

    Create talent pools and manage access rights - for internal teams and, if required, for hiring managers too. Allow candidates themselves to register for talent pools using configurable forms. Tags, filters and search functions make target-group specific communication with your candidates easier. Thanks to saved contact histories, a perfect candidate experience is also guaranteed when sourcing in teams.

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    Take advantage of ATS integration for comprehensive reporting & the perfect candidate journey

    Central data storage and a seamless connection to your applicant tracking system (ATS) make the entire recruitment process trackable, reporting easier and allow you to optimise your talent sourcing strategy. At the same time, synchronisation with your ATS ensures an uninterrupted candidate and recruiter journey - from initial contact to application.

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    Talentry Talent Sourcing Software: ATS Integration
    Talentry Talent Sourcing Software: GDPR

    Source in a GDPR-compliant way with no extra effort

    Obtain data protection consent directly during the sourcing process. The consent status of a candidate is visible to you and all other recruiters at all times. Set a time for renewing consent and automate the process for both individual candidates and groups.

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    Keep in contact with simple campaign tools

    As experienced sourcers know: sometimes it's necessary to keep candidates engaged so as to make the right offer at the right time. The talent campaign function helps you create target-group specific mailings quickly and easily - without design skills and HTML knowledge. This way you keep in touch and may even be able to generate applications directly.

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    Talentry Talent Sourcing Software: Campaigns

    "As well as essential functionality such as performance metrics, flexible talent pools and communication options, we liked the fact that, with Talentry, things can be individually customised in line with our processes. The system is flexible and agile, and you can continually make adjustments. This makes things simpler and more efficient."

    Julia Beuthien
    Team Lead Talent Acquisition, Personio

    Nowadays, very few companies can meet their staffing needs without talent sourcing. But often the wealth of software tools used costs a lot of time and makes the return on investment neither measurable nor attractive. Intelligent talent sourcing software can redress this issue.

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