Success Story

The Talentry Success Story of Celonis

Celonis is the fastest-growing technology company in Germany, and is looking to increase the number of its employees five-fold, from 200 to 1,000 people, by 2020. To fully exploit the recruitment potential of employee networks, Celonis updated its referral process in 2012 by using the digital referral platform, Talentry. Today, around one-quarter of Celonis’ new hires result from referrals by employees – a successful outcome for the Celonis HR team and largely due to a highly effective communications program.

Celonis is the fastest-growing technology company in Germany.

Celonis plans to grow its workforce to 1.000 employees by 2020.

Due to the proactive corporate culture of Celonis, employees have a high intrinsic motivation to make referrals.

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How does Celonis manage to create a consistent presence for the referral program and generate about a quarter of all hires through Talentry? The Success Story provides valuable insights into the strategy and illustrates the role that corporate culture plays in the success of Celonis’ referral program.