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Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

    Efficient and proactive recruitment with Talentry Solutions

    Talentry's Talent Relationship Platform supports you at every stage of the candidate journey. It is the perfect sparring partner for your applicant tracking system and adapts to your needs. Discover our solution portfolio!

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    Talentry Talent Relationship Management Software

    A solution for every recruitment challenge

    Group Attract Talent Engage Candidates Retain Employees


    Fill and manage your talent pipeline

    Choose proactive recruitment! With Talentry's Talent Relationship Platform, talent sourcing with Excel spreadsheets is history - and your employees become recruiters and brand ambassadors.

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    Talentry Talent Relationship Management Software to attact talent
    Talentry Talent Relationship Management Software to engage candidates


    Stay in touch and top of mind - it's very easy

    Whether it's campaigns, events, communities or alumni networks - the goal is to remain on people's radars and strike when the time is right. With Talentry, you don't have to be a marketer to succeed.

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    Take internal recruitment to a new level

    The success of internal recruitment depends on employee adoption. Talentry makes internal mobility transparent, simple and attractive.

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    Talentry Talent Relationship Management Software to retain employees

    Talentry Solutions at a Glance

    What Our Customers Say

    "With Talentry CRM, we automatically notify recruiters about new talent leads in their areas of responsibility. Thanks to faster reaction times, we have already been able to make appointments with a time to hire of just six weeks. And we are talking about jobs that are difficult to fill, for which we often had to rely on headhunters for in the past."

    Katharina Zehner
    Recruitment Marketing & Social Recruiting

    "Through employee referrals, we reach and convince people whom we could have never won through traditional channels. The success we have with Talentry, we have with no other recruiting channel."

    Sven Müller
    Personnel Manager

    "The integration of Talentry into our ATS only took a few weeks. The platform delivered at rapid pace: an increase of 64% in applications and 200% in hires in just 8 weeks are really an impressive result."

    Anja Bank
    Senior Expert Change Management

    "Talentry goes beyond digital employee referrals: our employees share content with just a few clicks and in doing so, give the employer brand an authentic face - with Talentry."

    Kristin Stengel
    Talent Acquisition Professional

    "With Talentry we can now fill over 20% of all positions through employee referrals. The program is an important pillar of our recruiting strategy. The integration with SAP SuccessFactors also enables a seamless process from referral to hire."

    Alexander P. Ploner
    Head of HR Management

    How the Talent Relationship Platform supports your recruitment

    Talentry is your central hub for proactive recruitment. Consolidate contacts from different recruitment channels on one platform and organise them in talent pools. With campaigns, events and communities, you remain on people's radars and build long-term relationships. This way, you turn talent leads into candidates and then into employees.

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