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Talent Relationship Management is an important part of a proactive recruiting strategy. The aim is to gradually grow your talent pool by building up relationships, so that for future vacancies, these talents can be accessed and positions can be filled more quickly. Ideally, HR managers should use existing touchpoints with applicants - and also include employees in this strategy. In other words, it's all about candidate relations and employee relations in equal measure.

Blog posts around talent relationship management

Even stronger together: HR software firm Personio links its own application management with the CRM system from Talentry.

Personio believes there can never be enough HR heroes, so has set the goal of making HR processes faster, clearer and more efficient. This means that HR managers once again have time to concentrate on the most valuable company asset: the employees. For this, Personio has developed an all-in-one software solution for recruitment, HR administration and payroll in small and ... Read More

On-Campus Recruitment: The early bird catches the student

AI developers, electrical engineers, computer scientists, biochemists, agricultural biologists, nurses, and lawyers are some of the professionals in short supply on the German labor market. Because this is not expected to change within the next few years, companies should start recruiting in good time. Our partner Mercer | Promerit knows how to successfully manage relationships with students and graduates. Read More

Start small, think big: Candidate Relationship Management for Beginners

Recruitment processes that start by approaching the candidate and end with hiring them have become inefficient – regardless of how creative the content and how diverse the touchpoints. The bottom line: you end up starting from scratch again each time. Candidate relationship management, on the other hand, focuses on nurturing long-term relationships that consistently put the candidate at the very center, connect relevant HR systems, and automates processes. ... Read More

Internal Gig Economy:

Economic crises promote freelancing and project work – that has always been the case. But even regardless of pandemic circumstances, the gig economy is on the rise. The concept can also be applied to the internal talent market. Here we explain how companies can benefit from an Internal Gig Economy not only in times of crisis but in the long ... Read More

Internal Recruitment: “The key issue is the mindset”

Internal mobility has been identified as one of the most important trends in people management. In reality, however, the transfer of internal know-how and the promotion of high performers remain stuck in a quagmire of stubborn reservations. Only with the right mindset and smart technology as an enabler can companies exploit the full potential of a functioning internal job market. Read More

Employee communication: getting the internal message across

Many of our customers have approached us in recent months and emphasized how difficult it is to keep their employees adequately informed via existing communication channels (such as the classic intranet or email). After all, this is where various departments and stakeholders compete for the attention of employees with their current issues. The intranet in particular often resembles a melting pot for corporate content of all kinds. And ... Read More

Internal Mobility: How to Use Your Employees as Promising Sources of Talent

Internal recruitment may be one of this year’s key HR trends, but it often fails due to common mistakes: a lack of coordination, no structures, and little transparency. With an internal job board and easy, discrete ways to apply, you can encourage your employees to follow individual career paths, improve staff retention, and benefit from recruitment that is both fast ... Read More

Why TA needs a new game plan…

No doubt many of you are now asking: what does an HR professional know about football and game plans? I was 10 years old when football fever gripped me; and, some years later, I’ve now made it into the Bavarian Women’s League with my local club in south-east Germany. During this time, I’ve also followed the success story of Borussia ... Read More

Recruitment and Employer Branding: Opportunities in Times of a Pandemic

HR is currently facing particular challenges. At Talentry, we have also closed our office – all staff is currently working from home. Thanks to the many digital collaboration tools such as OneDrive, Slack, and Zoom – for file sharing even when working from home, group chats and video conferences – as well as flexible working hours, virtual working is already ... Read More

How to make recruitment everyone’s business

I’ve been a Liverpool FC supporter since the early 1980s. As with any Football Club, there are highs and lows. Right now, we’re experiencing a significant number of highs. Top of the premier league, European and World champions, Liverpool owes a lot to Manager Jürgen Klopp.  Many say his approach toward player recruitment is one of the main reasons behind ... Read More

ATS vs CRM – and how not to get lost in those recruiting acronyms

Most HR organizations I have worked with are moving away from “post and pray” and towards a more proactive, candidate-centered recruitment strategy. They are also considering additional software to support this journey – including a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platform to accommodate the rising complexity of recruitment marketing and candidate nurturing activities. But purchasing a CRM raises a lot of ... Read More

Does your recruitment team have the software tools it needs?

According to Capterra, 75% of hiring and talent managers use recruiting software and/or applicant tracking software when hiring. Chances are you are one of them. But are you using the right tool? The market for recruitment software is growing by count, diversity, and approach—and each year Josh Bersin publishes new trends in the HR tech world. But is this the ... Read More

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Whitepapers and studies about Talent Relationship Management

E-BOOK: Recruitment as a team sport

No resources, no time - but high pressure to succeed. Do you know this situation? We will show you how you can change your recruiting sustainably even in this initial situation with a new game system à la Jürgen Klopp: By using the resources and recruiting activities you already have. What you can learn from successful soccer coaches for your recruiting.

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E-BOOK: Getting started with Candidate Relationship Management

CRM: What do you think of when you hear these three letters? We think of your candidates - and how you can make your recruiting sustainable with Candidate Relationship Management. You can find best practice examples in our e-book.

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HOW TO GUIDE: Convincing your management to adopt Candidate Relationship Management

Do you know this? Your management just shrugs its shoulders in disinterest when you tell them about the great new CRM software with shining eyes? And IT doesn't share your enthusiasm either? You need arguments... Our ``How to Guide`` summarizes in three steps how you can win overall stakeholders for your CRM project.

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WHITEPAPER: Mastering the challenges of Candidate Relationship Management

You know enough talent - build relationships and set yourself apart from the competition. In short, you need to practice Candidate Relationship Management. Our whitepaper shows you in five steps how this transformation from linear to proactive recruiting can succeed.

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STUDY: Candidate Relationship Management 2019

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) helps to generate talent leads, build talent pools, inspire them for the company with campaigns, and turn them into candidates. We wanted to know where CRM stands in Germany - and in collaboration with master's students from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, we conducted the first comprehensive study on CRM in the German-speaking world.

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Videos about Talent Relationship Management

VIDEO: ``How to`` - Internal Communication with Talentry

Employee communication is an essential component for good corporate culture and the motivation of the workforce. We have put together a short video for you with tips and tricks for internal communication with Talentry - whether you want to push your ambassador program or are looking for an additional communication channel.

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VIDEO: Internal Mobility with Talentry

Do you know this? Your management just shrugs its shoulders in disinterest when you tell them about the great new CRM software with shining eyes? And IT doesn't share your enthusiasm either? You need arguments... Our ``How to Guide`` summarizes in three steps how you can win overall stakeholders for your CRM project.

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VIDEO: Talent and Event Marketing with Talentry

Whether virtual or live, events are an integral part of many companies' recruiting repertoire. Learn in a minute how Talentry can support you and how you can quickly and easily collect talent leads for your talent pipeline online or on-site.

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VIDEO: Community and Campaigns with Talentry

You already know talent. Become a community manager - and build relationships with target group-specific campaigns for your proactive recruiting. We'll show you in 1 minute how easy it is.

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