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Working at Talentry is all about making an impact, getting things done and collaborating with other curious and bright minds in cross-functional teams.

What we do. And where we are heading.

What we do: Annoyed by all the recruiter messages in your inbox? Then help us revolutionise hiring. We are a Munich-based startup developing an HR cloud solution utilising the power of social networks to connect people with organizations they love. Talentry CRM is a Candidate Relationship Management software that enables companies to identify talent for current and future vacancies, organize potential candidates flexibly in multiple pools and launch campaigns to get them interested in their company. With Talentry Jobs – our digital employee referral program – employees can easily share job vacancies in various social networks and refer candidates with just two clicks. Our product Talentry Stories lets employees share corporate content (such as interesting projects, studies or blog articles) in their social networks and thus become authentic ambassadors for their employer – a concept known as “employee advocacy”.

Where we are heading: There is a big road(map) ahead. We are on a quest to build the leading cloud solution for finding and hiring talent by leveraging modern technology and human connections. The era of human-centric, smart hiring solutions is here and it’s about time to disrupt hiring with modern technology.

How we work. Get to know our DNA.

Tools, tools, tools …

Having the right tools at hand can make life so much easier. Also, working with the latest technologies is fun. We keep our toolbox up to date with technologies like Angular, Symfony, Kubernetes, Datadog, GitLab or and let the teams decide on which tools they want to use to solve the challenges at hand. We can only recommend git-like version control for UI designs, by the way!

Number Crunchers

Over are the days of building products based on an overpaid manager’s gut feeling. We are a data-driven company, which means that we base our decisions on metrics, observations and feedback loops. In order to stay on the right course, product decisions always consider as much qualitative and quantitative feedback as possible, be it cohort analyses, conversion rates or customer interviews. In order to make our data-driven approach possible, we are constantly working on making things measurable and setting up success metrics, going way beyond simple website analytics.

Working practices driving our success

The right working practices are essential for any high-performing team. Here are some of them to give you a glimpse into how we work to achieve our goals:

  • We work with cross-functional squads containing engineers, product managers and designers, in order to minimize dependencies and to maximize speed.
  • We follow agile principles and employ both Scrum and Kanban, depending on the squad.
  • We regularly host so-called Ship-It Days, which is kind of an internal hackathon where you can team up with others to build any project you can come up with.
  • The whole company is aligned with a lightweight and completely transparent goal-setting framework called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

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