Goodbye Recruiting Funnel.
Hello Recruiting Wheel!

Why the future of recruitment requires a new strategy – and new technology

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A shortage of skilled workers, a passive employee market, digital transformation: competition for the best talent has never been as tough. Traditional recruiting channels are losing importance and reach, while the candidate journey needs to be redefined.

To succeed, you need a new recruiting mindset that puts talent at the centre of your activities and considers recruiting as a cycle that does not end with the filling of an open position. We call this approach the Recruiting Wheel.

Leveraging the power of your employees’ social networks, our recruitment marketing platform helps you attract new talent, develop them into interested candidates and turn them into applicants. Open positions will be filled faster. New hires then become brand ambassadors and recruiters by referring new talent – that’s how the recruiting wheel closes.

Why Candidate Relationship Management is the recruiting strategy of the future

With Talentry CRM you can identify, organize and engage talent, increasing their interest in your company

Quality: Seamless candidate journey, before talent even becomes a candidate or applicant

Predictability: Strategic creation of talent pools and nurturing of relationships with several thousand talent leads

Speed & cost saving:
Better time-to-hire, lower cost-per-hire


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What makes Employee Referrals a successful recruiting channel?

Talentry Jobs & Stories lets you digitalize employee referral programmes and turns employees into recruiters and authentic ambassadors for your employer brand, ultimately helping you to find new talent

Reach: Access to new networks of several hundred candidates per employee

Applicant quality: As a rule, referrals provide a better cultural fit

Authenticity: Candidates place particular trust in content shared by their own network


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Why Candidate Relationship Management and Employee Referrals make a perfect fit

Talentry CRM is the only candidate relationship management software that also provides a crucial recruiting channel: digital employee referrals. This allows you to leverage your employees’ networks to generate new talent leads, automatically manage them in talent pools, strategically build relationships with candidates and ultimately win them for your organization. Candidate relationship management allows you to reach the full potential of employee referrals.


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