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Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

Why Talentry

All the benefits of Talentry Talent Relationship Plaftform

    The evolution of recruitment: from the funnel to the wheel

    How proactive recruting and relationships with talent take your employee search to the next level

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    Proactive Talent Acquisition & the Recruiting Wheel

    Are you getting the most out of your recruitment activities and touch points?

    The “second best” candidate from the last interview, the marketing intern, the visitors to your career website, all of them may be the perfect match for tomorrow’s vacancy.

    It’s high time to focus on proactive relationship management. The recruitment funnel is a thing of the past.


    of candidates are not actively looking for a new job


    of both active and passive talent is however open to new opportunities


    of people have trust in content shared by their network

    From recruiting funnel to recruiting wheel

    Turning unknown talent into employees and ambassadors.

    “Post & Pray” has long since ceased to be the recruitment strategy of choice.
    But proactive recruiting has not yet reached the standard repertoire of HR departments. Time to reinvent the wheel for once.

    Proactive Talent Acquisition: The Recruitment Funnel
    Proactive Talent Acquisition: The Recruiting Wheel


    With Talentry you find new talent in business networks, at events, via your career website or through your employees’ networks


    Collect interesting prfiles in Talent Pools and strengthen your relationship with these potential employees through targeted campaigns


    Build internal career opportunities for your employees and turn them into brand ambassadors and talent scouts

    How the Talentry Talent Relationship Platform supports you

    Proactive Talent Acquisition & the Recruiting Wheel: ATS Integrations

    The Talent Relationship Platform seamlessly integrates with most applicant tracking systems available in the market

    Proactive Talent Acquisition & the Recruiting Wheel: Centralised Management of Candidate Data

    The Talent Relationship Platform becomes your central hub for the management of candidate profiles and data

    Proactive Talent Acquisition & the Recruiting Wheel: Full Candidate Journey Management

    You manage your recruitment process before and after application and build relationships with candidates and employees alike.

    Talentry offers a wide range of solutions

    Find the best talent in the market and build great relationships!

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