Employee communication: ambassador programme meets internal comms

Many of our customers have approached us in recent months and emphasized how difficult it is to keep their employees adequately informed via existing communication channels (such as the classic intranet or email). After all, this is where various departments and stakeholders compete for the attention of employees with their current issues. The intranet in particular often resembles a melting pot for corporate content of all kinds. And paradoxically, this is exactly what often leads to information in the intranet not reaching employees effectively.

Why internal communication and ambassador programmes are a match

With increasing digital communication, the desire to reach employees directly where content is relevant to the respective group of employees is also growing. For many of our customers, it was therefore clear: communication needs reach – and must therefore adapt to the media usage behavior of the employees. Our customers’ employees are already registered on our Employee Relationship Platform, and receive regular updates on job vacancies and employer branding content (stories) that they can share with their social network. It was clear to customers that our Stories feature and the user-friendly interface (desktop and smartphone app) offers the ideal basis for using the platform more for internal communication. We could not resist this argument…

Agile and customer-focused development: Internal Stories

After several customer interviews for a precise analysis of the relevant use cases, the Customer Success Team worked together with our product experts to find the ideal solution. I am now very pleased that (after only a few weeks of development time), with our latest INTERNAL STORIES feature, we are able to fulfill our customers’ wish to use our Employee Relationship Platform more intensively for communication with their own employees.

It is particularly exciting to see what use customers are currently making of the INTERNAL STORIES function:


🚀#1 Promote the company’s own ambassador program... 

...and thus increase employee engagement. do this, companies share success stories, such as a background story of a referrer and a candidate. Companies also like to share KPIs related to the referral program via Talentry, for example in the form of referral or hire rates already achieved. In addition, we have observed that many customers like to use the feature to show their appreciation for their employees and to thank them for demonstrating a (voluntary) commitment to the program.


💡#2 Insights into the tool with tips and tricks about individual features:

Many customers use internal stories to explain individual functionalities of the tool itself, as well as to share background information on the Ambassador Programme via specially created explanatory videos, information on current rewards, prize draws or news about the Gamification Reward Shop.


🎯#3 Target group-oriented company content for registered employees:

Since for many of our customers the use of the Employee Relationship Platform often goes hand in hand with other digitalization initiatives, internal stories are often used to inform about other digitalization projects in the company (such as digital training programs for employees). In addition, there is also the opportunity to reach specific groups of employees via Talentry. For example, many customers use Talentry employee referrals specifically for apprentices. This makes internal stories the ideal channel for sharing apprentice-oriented content.


Best practice: Internal Stories at Mediana

An example of the ideal use of internal stories comes from Mediana Holding GmbH & Co. KG, one of the leading providers of care facilities for the elderly in central Germany (and a Talentry customer since 2019). The company adopted the new feature very quickly and, since its release, the additional functionality has been used directly for internal communication. We are especially enthusiastic that managing director Bastian Hans has decided to cover internal communication at Mediana entirely through internal stories. The previous internal company newsletter was discontinued, employees were informed and from now on they are using Talentry internal stories for relevant company content. Even we at Talentry are delighted about such a quick and far-reaching adoption of our new feature!

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