Recruit like a Marketer: Why you need personas – and how you get there

We all agree that the first step to attracting the right type of talent is knowing your target group. Marketers have been dealing with this challenge for ages – which is why recruiters can benefit a lot from their expertise. And why we have invited Adele Revella, author of the best-selling book Buyer Personas and founder of the Buying Persona Institute. In our RecruitingCONNECT Masterclass, Adele shares her personal experience and insights about the importance of understanding the buyer’s candidates and the journey to persona creation.

Why is it crucial to know your candidate personas?

The cost of a bad hire is subjective, but it’s claimed that with lost productivity and rising recruitment costs, a mid-level manager can cost a business around £142,000. Personas play an important part in understanding the type of people that will fit into your organization. How to do it? Involve the best people in your team who are naturally inquisitive; who understand the core values of your company, and who score high empathy. Sounds strange to you? Join Adele and me and learn how the South American Airlines recruiting team has a clear mindset of the persona they are looking for and understand the airline’s hiring criteria in order to select the right people for their team.

Why listen to our RecruitingCONNECT Masterclass with Adele?


Adele shares some incredible insights about why you need personas and the journey to persona creation. You will learn

  • why it is not just about demographics
  • how to uncover the challenges of your ideal audience
  • how to optimize your candidate journey
  • and what role your team can play in this game

While this sounds like a lot of work, finding the perfect fit leads to the company’s success which benefits both: the candidates and the company.

If you want to learn from one of the leading experts on persona marketing, listen to our free RecruitingCONNECT Masterclass with Adele Revella!


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