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Our platform enables you to strengthen your employer brand, find new talent and nurture relationships with candidates

Candidate Relationship Management

With Talentry CRM you can
identify, organize and engage talent

Employee Referrals

With Talentry Jobs & Stories your employees become recruiters and brand ambassadors

How it works

Interesting talent profiles can be added to talent pools easily and efficiently. You can, for example, integrate relevant profiles from business networks quickly and in accordance with GDPR…

Enable interested talent to become part of your talent pool "live" and directly at events...

…or enable interested talent to become part of your talent pool on your career website with very few clicks.

Recruiters and active sourcers have a complete overview of a talent’s interests and activities in real time…

…and can perform flexible searches by profiles in a central talent list.

Campaigns continuously and automatically supply your talent with relevant content about the company – enabling you to establish a relationship progressively, developing their interest until they are ready to apply.

Be compliant by easily managing and reviewing the consent status of all your candidates

An integrated dashboard gives you complete transparency about the development of your talent pools at all times.

As a recruiter, you publish vacancies for your employees…

…plus a wide variety of corporate content – blog articles or videos, for example – in Talentry. Thanks to a "Smart Matching" feature, shared content is automatically linked to matching job offers.

Your employees see the advertized vacancies and the content…

…share all this in their social networks, and refer suitable candidates – via, for example, iOS or the Android app.

Potential candidates can apply for a referred job in just a few steps…

...and gain authentic insights into your company.

Dashboards and reports enable your recruiters to perform detailed analyses…

…and provide your employees with transparency regarding the status of their activities. A configurable gamification function further enhances motivation and engagement.


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Why it works


of potential candidates are not actively looking for a new job


of both active and passive talent is however open to new professional challenges


place particular trust in content shared in their own network.

Candidate Relationship Management and Employee Referrals with Talentry: perfect synergies

The most valuable source for talent is already right at your disposal: your employees and their social networks. In combination with candidate relationship management, employee referrals reach their full potential:

Talent leads, generated by your own employees, flow automatically into the CRM…

…where they are strategically organized and nurtured…

…forming sustainable talent pools for current and future positions.

A ground-breaking recruiting technology: Talentry CRM also received the HR Innovation Award 2019.

How can your company benefit from this?

Larger talent pools, higher applicant quality, a better candidate experience, a faster recruiting process, significant cost benefits – and a faster ROI:

Employees in your company


Choose where you find interesting talent for future positions:

Potential size of the talent pool — per year


Potential hires — from the talent pool per year


Cost reduction — lower costs for job portals and headhunters

100.000€ /year

Added value — thanks to faster time-to-hire

39.000€ /year

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Our calculation is based on standard benchmarks and empirical values from numerous customer projects but is not binding.
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What our clients say

Marc Hexspoor

VP Human Resources, Franke Group

Michael Eger

Partner, Promerit AG
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Head of HR, Bonial International Group
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Thomas Schnell

Head of HR Consulting & Recruiting, Haufe Group

Bennet Schlotfeldt

HR Manager, Otto (GmbH & Co KG)


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