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Some of the world’s most innovative recruiting teams use Talentry. Join a community of leading employer brands:

Talentry is an award-winning platform for Digital Employee Referrals, Employee Advocacy and Candidate Relationship Management.

Digital employee referrals & employee advocacy

Talentry Referrals

Leverage the social reach of your employees to attract new talent and build an authentic employer brand.


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Candidate Relationship Management

Talentry CRM

Source and engage new candidates, build talent pools and fill current and future positions faster.


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Find out what Talentry can do for you:

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Boost my active search and source more candidates faster and easier

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Boost my employee referrals and turn them into new talent pools

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Turn our employees into ambassadors for a strong employer brand

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Build and manage talent pools for current and future positions

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Keep in touch with potential candidates and engage them with our company

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Ensure GDPR compliance and improve candidate data quality

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Hear from our customers

Kristin Stengel @ Avaloq

Talent Acquisition Professional

Andrea Feidner-Beyer

Director of Training & HR Development, Munich Hotel Partners

Anja Bank

Employer Brand Manager, Vodafone

Marc Hexspoor @ Franke Group

VP Human Resources

Michael Eger

Partner, Promerit AG
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Thomas Schnell

Head of HR Consulting & Recruiting, Haufe Group

Bennet Schlotfeldt

HR Manager, Otto (GmbH & Co KG)

Talentry is an award-winning technology

HR Excellence Awards 2019

Talentry & APOprojekt won the HR Excellence Award 2019 for Employer Branding

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HR Innovation Award 2019

Talentry CRM received the HR Innovation Award 2019

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Top 10 HR Tech Solution providers in Europe 2018

Introducing the New-Age Recruitment Process

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Talentry has a proven Return on Investment. What’s in it for you?

Employees in your company


Choose where you find interesting talent for future positions:

Potential size of the talent pool — per year


Potential hires — from the talent pool per year


Cost reduction — lower costs for job portals and headhunters

100.000€ /year

Added value — thanks to faster time-to-hire

39.000€ /year

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Our calculation is based on standard benchmarks and empirical values from numerous customer projects but is not binding.
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Want to get in touch with industry-leading experts and exchange ideas on modern recruiting? RecruitingCONNECT: the Ideation Sessions!

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Why TA needs a new game plan & recruiting has to beome a team sport

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Is your recruiting GDPR compliant?
Gain better insights and full GDPR compliance with Talentry CRM

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Candidate Relationship Management 2019:
Recruitment of the Future: Expectations, Challenges and Successes

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Infographic: Outbound vs. Inbound Recruiting

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Blog: Gamification - The easiest way to boost your employee referrals

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Blog: Trusted voices - the key to a great recruitment strategy

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Convincing your management to adopt Candidate Relationship Management

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Mastering the challenges of Candidate Relationship Management

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