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Talent Relationship Platform: move from talent collector to talent relationship manager.

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Some of the world’s most innovative recruiting teams use Talentry. Join a community of leading employer brands:

Relationships are at the heart of a proactive recruitment strategy.

Your goal: to find and retain the right employees. Our mission: connecting people with organisations they love. It’s a perfect match! Because with Talentry it is easy to build relationships with candidates and employees. So easy that we have summarized it for you in 1 minute:

All in one: The Talent Relationship Platform by Talentry

From active sourcing and community management to employee referrals, employer branding and internal recruitment, Talentry’s Talent Relationship Platform is your central hub for relationship management.

Candidate Relationship Management

Get ahead of the game in the race for the best talent – with proactive recruiting, up-to-date communication and a collaborative platform that best supports you and your team in the search for personnel.


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Our modules for your Candidate Relationship Management:

Active Sourcing

Source more candidate profiles – quickly, easily and directly.

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Talent & Event Marketing

Capture talent leads efficiently – at job fairs or online.

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Community & Campaigns

Build talent communities and stay in touch.

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Employee Relationship Management​

Use the talent you already have: your employees. Build relationships with them. Retain them with attractive internal career options and turn them into ambassadors and talent scouts.


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Our modules for your Employee Relationship Management:

Internal Mobility

Easily inform, find and retain internal talent.

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Employee Referrals

Turn employees into talent scouts and multipliers.

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Advocacy & Employer Branding

Turn employees into ambassadors for your employer brand.

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Talentry’s Talent Relationship Platform: Your central hub for successfully building relationships

Talentry’s award-winning modular Talent Relationship Platform (TRP) is at the heart of a proactive recruitment strategy. It complements your applicant tracking system (ATS) both before and after the recruitment process, leveraging the potential of a wide variety of touchpoints in the talent acquisition phase, to build relationships with candidates and employees alike. Talentry TRP at a glance:

Talentry Talent Relationship Platform

Curious to learn how Talentry’s TRP can support your proactive recruitment strategy?


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Success Stories we are proud of

Talentry is an award-winning technology

HR Excellence Awards 2019

Talentry & APOprojekt won the HR Excellence Award 2019 for Employer Branding

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HR Innovation Award 2019

Talentry CRM received the HR Innovation Award 2019

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Top 10 HR Tech Solution providers in Europe 2018

Introducing the New-Age Recruitment Process

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Talentry has a proven Return on Investment. What’s in it for you?

Employees in your company


Choose where you find interesting talent for future positions:

Potential size of the talent pool — per year


Potential hires — from the talent pool per year


Cost reduction — lower costs for job portals and headhunters

100.000€ /year

Added value — thanks to faster time-to-hire

39.000€ /year

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