Alexandra Schiekofer

Alexandra is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Talentry.

Alumni programmes: You never know when you’ll meet again

Many good reasons for having your own alumni programme

There are many good reasons for employers...

Saving in the right places with proactive sourcing

Even those not looking can be found 

Studies show that very few companies are now able to meet...

Internal Recruitment: “The key issue is the mindset”

A happy match! It could be so simple

When supply matches demand, something good usually comes of...

Get to know our partners: SmartRecruiters

In a nutshell, can you please describe why your customers chose SmartRecruiters?  

Internal Mobility: How to use your employees as source of talent

2020: The trend towards more internal appointments

In the coming months, many companies will (have...

Cultural fit & talent pools: Recruiting proactively with employee referrals

If the chemistry is right, colleagues get on well with each other too

Birds of a feather flock...

Employee referrals: Three success factors that boost your recruitment

Win-win-win thanks to employee referrals

In the majority of companies, employee recommendations...

Getting started with Candidate Relationship Management

Relationship management instead of straight recruitment 

Recruitment processes are often repeated...